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Leather Coaster
Leather Coaster

Leather Coaster

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You can express your faith with our coasters made from drum dyed Horween leather. Each coaster can be customized with a printed religious symbol. You can either select a religious symbol from our gallery or upload your custom symbol at additional charge. You can have coasters sent as a gift with a gift card from our selection. 

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Choose color of the leather.
If you would like to personalize your item with a religious symbol, click on the Thumbnail "Custom Printed Symbols" and choose your symbol.
Choose a color for your custom print. Note that engraving is not applicable on distressed or vegetable tanned pull up leather. Black print or engraving is not recommended on black leather.
If you would like to purchase a gift card with your item, please, choose your option.
If you would like to send a personalized gift card, type here your personal message up-to 100 characters.

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