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Glossary of Terms

Leather Care

Careful attention to the storage and cleaning will enhance and lengthen the lifespan of your MagMile leather products.

Use soft cloth or cloth bag large enough to comfortably store your MagMile leather handbags and accessories without bending them. Be sure to remove pens, make-up, candies, food, etc. from your bag after every use before storing it.

When needed, use a slightly damp soft cloth to wipe any dirt. For any scratches or marks, use a regular shoe polish in color of your MagMile bags and accessories. You can also stuff your MagMile leather bag with paper tissue before storing it so as to keep its shape.

Do not store your MagMile leather products at direct sunlight or humid, moist environment. Preferably, store your MagMile leather products in a well ventilated area. You can also punch hole in a storage bag for better air circulation. Remember, water/liquids can leave marks on your MagMile products. 

Leather Terms

Calfskin leather is made from the hide of young cattle. Calfskin has a soft, smooth texture, full naturally embossed grain retained throughout the tanning process, it is soft and resistant with a smooth finish.

Cowhide leather is made from adult cattle.

Glazed leather has a polished finish but less than patent leather.

Kip, also called steer hide, is leather taken from older cattle, not as supple as calfskin.

Patent leather is an extremely high gloss type of leather finish.

Sheep or lambskin is made from sheep or lamb.

Suede is leather with a treatment applied to the flesh side of a skin to produce a napped, velvet-like finish.

Top Grain Leather is the top layer of leather.

Reptile skins from snakes, turtles and lizards are distinguishable by its scaly pattern and texture. MagMile products are made from cowhide or pig leathers with embossed patterns of reptile skins.

Capibara leather is taken from the unique capibara, a squirrel-like animal generally seen in South America.

Croco- embossed calf leather is an embossed high quality calf skin, treated with vegetable dyes. The crocodile embossed leather has the same look as a true crocodile skin. 

Deerskin is one of the most beautiful hides, has a tight, easily recognizable, pebbly grain.

Embossed calf leather, known as firm grain leather, is embossed with a fine grain pattern; it is more resistant to scratches and stains.

Enameled leather is similar to patent leather with a smooth, shiny finish. Referred to as tarred leather, enameled leather is buffed down then treated for glossy look.

Mousse calf leather is high quality leather, difficult to scratch and tanned for about 12 hours.

Nappa calfskin leather is made from carefully selected, thinly cut calf skins. Long treatment results in a luxuriously smooth silky soft feel and light weight.

Nappa lambskin leather is of high quality, velvety to the touch, lightweight and soft.

Natural goat leather provides strength and resilience, yet, is soft and supple with wrinkled look of the grain.

Nubuck is produced from full grain leathers. The grain is abraded away to create a light surface nap.

Ostrich leather is distinguished by its tell-tale pattern of quill sockets. Soft to touch, the leather is flexible and durable.

Ostrich embossed calf leather is made from calf skin, tanned and stamped to give the impression of the unique quill sockets as on true ostrich leather. 

Pigskin is durable and has natural markings and pores. The special tanning process is used to preserve this unique look.

Ponyskin has a fur that is slightly shiny and lies very flat against the skin. Ponyskin is naturally in white and black pattern, although, it can be dyed in colors.

Polished calf leather is specially treated for smooth feel with sheen.

Shearling has been used for centuries for its naturally thermostatic characteristics. The soft wool fibers of shearling keep year-round comfort and breathability. Shearling features leather or suede leather on one side and shorn fur on the other side.

Soft embossed calf leather is supple full grain leather, embossed with pebbly pattern of natural grain. It is softer than the firm grain but retains its shape and is difficult to scratch.

Suede lambskin is also known as chamois. It is taken from the underside of the hide and brushed to raise the fibers making it soft and velvety to touch.

Top calf leather is specially treated for buttery soft feel and smooth finish. It is supple to the touch and over time gets more flexible.

Vacchetta calf leather is tanned using vegetable dyes for a matte finish leaving a more weathered, casual look. It is soft to the touch, little rigid but flexible.

Washed goat leather looks rustic with battered edges. It has a more smooth texture than natural goat leather.

Fur Terms

Fox fur has long guard hairs with a thicker under-fur. It has a range of natural colors from silver, to blue, red, grey, and white. It can be dyed in many colors.

Lynx fur varies depending on its origin. Canadian lynx has a creamy white tone with darker markings and the Russian lynx has the whitest and softest fur with subtle beige markings. Whiter the fur, higher the value.

Mink is primarily farm-raised. Mink is very soft and lightweight with long guard hairs and a soft under-fur.

Rabbit is the more common fur; it is silky soft and easy to maintain. It comes in a variety of colors.

Fabric Terms

Canvas is a strong and firm material made from cotton, linen, hemp, or jute tightly woven together.

Cashmere is the world's most luxurious natural fiber, soft, light and an excellent heat preserver. It is made from kashmire goat hairs. It takes each goat four years to produce enough cashmere for one sweater. Each goat is combed by hand every spring.

Cotton is cool, soft, and comfortable material. Cotton is the principle natural fiber of the world. It can withstand high temperatures, it breathes easily and is durable for everyday wear-and-tear.

Denim is durable twill-weave cotton fabric.

Fabric is cloth produced by knitting, weaving, or felting fibers.

Jacquard is woven on a jacquard loom where the patterning mechanism allows interlacing of up to several hundred threads creating intricate patterns and designs.

Linen is a loosely woven material, highly absorbent and a good conductor of heat. It feels cool to the touch and is one of the strongest natural fibers.

Nylon is the first man-made fiber in the textile industry. Nylon is classified as one of the most versatile fibers in use today because it is strong, difficult to scratch and waterproof.

PVC - coated cotton is coated with a polyvinyl chloride finish. It becomes elastic, soft, resistant and heat preserving.

Rubber is an elastic material taken from the sap or latex of tropical plants like the rubber tree. It is then treated and modified into products.

Silk is one of the oldest textile fibers known. For centuries, it has been associated with wealth, elegance and class. Silk is versatile and retains its own shape and natural shimmer.

Wool is one of the easiest fabrics to work with, it has a soft and fuzzy surface, hard to crease. Wool is also dirt and flame resistant and defies wear-and-tear.

Bag Terms

Backpack is a bag supported by the shoulders with double handles and lies across the back. Backpacks are supported on either one or both shoulders.

Barrel is a handbag with a long cylinder shape like a barrel.

Billfold is a flat wallet with a clip or slip-in compartment to hold bills.

Box is a rigid bag shaped purse, square or rectangle in shape, with a metal, bone, shell or wooden handle.

Bucket is a bag resembling a bucket, usually with an open top and shoulder strap or two handles

Card case is a case holding business cards.

Carpet bag is a large satchel-like bag used for carry-on luggage and made out of carpet or upholstery fabric.

Change purse is a small purse to hold coin change.

Clutch is a bag to be carried clasped in one hand or under the arm. Clutches are usually small evening bags, popularized during the 1950's.

Computer bag or iPad bag is a bag specially designed to carry a laptop and its accessories.

Convertible bag is a bag with a handle that can be tucked or folded inside to become a clutch.

Cosmetic case bags are of different sizes and shapes to hold cosmetics.

Drawstring is a soft bag with a gathered drawstring closure. The drawstring may form into purse straps or have a separate strap.

Duffel is a bag that is long, horizontal and cylinder in shape with handles. Duffel bags are typically used as sport bags or casual luggage.

East/West describes a bag that is longer than it is tall.

Envelope is a flat, square or rectangular bag with a triangle shaped top flap like an envelope.

Feed bag is a drawstring bag, usually with a shoulder strap, shaped like a horses feed bag; sometimes called a bucket bag.

Flap Bag is a purse with a folding flap closure.

Flight bag is used by passengers and crew to carry on belongings aboard a plane.

Half moon bag is any bag shaped like a half moon, with or without a handle.

Hobo bag is a soft, large bag with a zip top and shoulder strap.

Messenger bag is a unisex shoulder bag worn across the shoulders. It is named after bags used by couriers and the post office.

Minaudiere is a small fabric or leather evening bag decorated with pieces of metal, semi precious stones or beads.                                                                     
Muff is a winter bag made from real of faux fur, wool or velvet that has zippered compartments and a slip opening for hands.

North/South describes a bag that is taller than it is wide.

Pouch is a gathered or straight evening bag, pouch for coins, jewelry, etc.

Safari is a soft leather bag with a curved shape, top zipper, two top straps or handles and two outside pockets with flaps and buckle closures.

Satchel is a bag with a wide, flat bottom, zippered or clasped top and two handles or straps.

Shoulder bag is any bag with a shoulder strap.

Sling Bag is like a backpack with one strap and designed to be carried on one shoulder.

Swagger is a roomy, framed bag with two straps or handles, open outside pockets and a zippered or clasped open top.

Top handle is a handle that is attached to the top of a bag and carried in hands.

Top zip is a bag with a zipped top opening.

Tote is a bag inspired by a shopping bag, sturdy and rectangular with an open top and two strap handles.

Quilted bag is quilted in texture and typically has a handle.

Wallet hard or soft, with zippers or snaps, has compartments for coins, bills, credit cards, etc.

Wristlet is a bracelet-like strap to carry a bag from a wrist.